Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kinsley 4 Months Old

Kinsley was 4 months old on Dec 16th. Four months old?!! How did that happen? How the time goes! She is laughing and talking like crazy. She is a very happy baby. She smiles a lot! She can be very serious too. She has a face I call the "papaw face" cause she looks just like my papaw when she does it. She has that face when she is concentrating. She is almost rolling over from her back to her tummy. She can get all the way over but she can't pull her arm out from underneath her. She is getting so big! She has short, chubby legs just like her momma! She is so sweet and precious and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

Makenna's First Haircut

Makenna got her first haircut a few days ago. Our next door neighbor is a barber so he came over to our house and cut her hair. She did so great! He said be still and you would have thought she was a statue! She is not your typical two year old. We just got the ends trimmed up but it makes a big difference. It looks great.

The finished project!

She was such a big girl!

Christmas With Nana

We had Christmas with my mom this past week. She made a wonderful dinner with all of our family favorites. We stuffed ourselves and then we opened presents. Makenna had a wonderful time! She loved opening up presents. When we were all done she said "I want more presents!" Nana gave us all from amazing presents. Makenna got a Dora video and book with her face on it. Kinsley got an adorable canvas picture with her name and birthday. My mom gave DJ and I her property in Hot Springs!! OMG!! What else can you say. Thank you Nana for a wonderful visit and awesome Christmas. We had a blast!

The brochures for the Hot Springs property Nana gave us.

Makenna's Dora DVD starring Makenna!

Isn't she precious!

Kinsley got this super soft blanket with her name on it. She loves to chew on it!

Nana, Makenna, and Kinsley

Makenna got a towel set with her name on it. It is hanging in her bathroom now!

Nana and Kinsley

Makenna loved opening up presents!

I got a cookie jar with the girls picture on it that said "Treats for Mommy's sweethearts" and had the girls names on it.

DJ got a mug that said "Daddy" with the girls picture on it. Of course he loved it, it says "Daddy"!

Makenna got a Dora clock with her name on it.

Makenna got a book that has a recording of Nana's voice reading Makenna the book. So cute!

Her Dora book with her picture on it.

Makenna's Christmas Program

Makenna had her Christmas program at Mother's Day Out on Dec 16. Her class made sweatshirts that they wore during the program. They sang Jingle Bells while shaking little bells. It was very cute! She did a great job. But it went by so fast cause they only say that one song twice. I wish they would have done more! She looked adorable!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

DJ and I took Makenna and Kinsley trick or treating last night. Makenna was Minnie Mouse and Kinsley was a pumpkin. I pushed Kinsley in the stroller and DJ pulled Makenna in the wagon. They were adorable!! We went to Gap Creek to see one of DJ's favorite customers and then we drove to our neighborhood and went to a few houses. Makenna loved trick or treating! She kept saying " I want to open the door, close the door, say trick or treat!" Makenna didn't want the people to put the candy in her basket. She would take the candy from them and put it in the basket herself. We went to one door and the lady had the basket in her hand and she gave Makenna a piece of candy. Makenna reached back into the basket to get another one!! Her daddy would take her to the door and when they would open the door sometimes she would say "thank you" first and then say "trick or treat" when they gave her the candy. But she had the right idea! I had no idea she would love it so much. We will have to go out earlier next year so she can have more time to trick or treat. We all had a lot of fun.

She had been eating a blue sucker.

Minnie Mouse and her pumpkin.

My cute pumpkin!

Look at all my candy!