Tuesday, May 18, 2010


DJ took off one day last week and we took Makenna to the zoo. She hasn't been there since last year. We had a wonderful time. Her favorite were the lions. And according to her everyone animal had a baby. We have talked about it several times since then and she remembers many of the animals that I didn't remember seeing. It was a wonderful day spent together. I wish there were more like it.

If you can't tell she wasn't fond of walking, she wanted to be carried.

After the zoo she took a nap. When she woke up her daddy needed to mow the yard. I had to work a few weeks ago and he mowed the yard with her in the backpack. She liked it and asked to do it again. So he put her in the backpack. They looked so cute I had to get some pictures. However this time she only wanted to do for a few minutes and then she said it scared her cause the mower is so loud. So we watched her daddy from the window the rest of the time.