Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arkansas Diamonds Game

Last night DJ, Makenna and I went to the Diamonds game. For those of you who don't know (liked I didn't) the Twisters changed their name to the Diamonds. For those of you who don't live around here, the Diamonds are an indoor football league. We thought Makenna would have fun because she is not your typical 2 year old girl and she loves football. I guess I shouldn't say "we" it was DJ's idea. So we drive to the game and pay $10 for parking (yes I said $10 for parking??!!:{ Then we were walking up to the ticket counter to buy tickets ( which range from $23-$33 for decent seats) and we saw this guy in a Twisters jersey. He had 3 tickets in his hand. I thought he was trying to sell them. He looked at us for a minute and then he asked us if we wanted the tickets. He said the owner gave them to him and he didn't have time to find anyone to give them to so he wanted to know if we wanted them. We were stunned for a minute! They were free tickets and he said they were better seats than his. So we said thank you so much and took the tickets. The seats were great!! They were 2nd row about 20-30 yard line ( I think, you should ask my husband, he is better at these things!) Makenna was very sleepy so we didn't plan very well. But we have an amazing daughter and she didn't complain at all. Once the football game started she enjoyed the action. She liked it when they kicked the ball and hit their head and their butt! What a girl!! After half time she was very sleepy so she wanted to get down and walk around. But we told her where to go and she obeyed pretty well. She was so cute! She is the best daughter in the world! We had a great time. We left after the 3rd quarter cause it was late but we all had a great time. I think we will do it again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


We had our ultrasound today at Babyviews. We found out we are having another girl. We are very excited, that is what we were hoping for. It will just be so much easier since our house is already plastered in pink. I can't upload the pics from the ultrasound because our scanner is broken so I'll just have to see you and show you or my hubby may be able to figure it out somehow. She looks perfect. All of her parts are there, in the right place, and functioning well. She wasn't very active which the ultrasound tech said may just be the time of day or she may just be a laid back baby (we're hoping for the second!) She was so cute! She is average size, about 9-10 ounces and about 8-9 inches long. The tech said that size isn't very accurate at this stage of pregnancy but I'm voting for a small baby like Makenna since I have to push her out! I was relieved to see that she is looking great. She was so cute! She opened and closed her fists, crossed her arms across her chest and put her hands up on her cheeks. She kicked her legs a little bit but she didn't change her position much. She looked so precious. So, somehow DJ Walker managed to pull off the miracle of the century by creating two girls! Who would've thought it possible!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Makenna's 2nd Birthday

Today was Makenna's 2nd birthday. We had our families over for some wonderful food cooked by my mom and some yummy cake. Makenna got tons of books which is awesome because books are her favorite thing in the world. Me and DJ got her a kitchen which she loves and is playing with right now. Mimi and Poppy got her some really cute clothes and a lawnmower that blows bubbles. Shannon, Chris, and Nash got her some Dora books with sounds and an adorable razorback dress. Aunts and Uncles got her some new movies (yeah! we watch the same one over and over!) Nana got her some divided plates, silverware, and minnie mouse stuff. Ma and Pa got her lots of books and some plates and silverware. I know I'm leaving out some presents and some people and I'm sorry but I have a 2 year old tugging on my arm right now. Thank you so much everyone for coming and for all of the gifts. We had a wonderful time and are so grateful to for all the wonderful family and friends that we are blessed with. Thank you all so much!! We love you!! Makenna had an amazing time and is playing with all her gifts right now. My cousin Natalie is starting to get into photography and she is amazing!! Here is some of the pics she took.

Makenna and Grandma.

Uncle Phillip and Aunt Whitney.

Me, DJ, and Makenna

Makenna and Daddy

Makenna and Nana

Makenna and Mommy

Makenna and her Minnie ears playing with her kitchen

Uncle Greg and Aunt Jessica

Nash and Shannon

Makenna and Nash playing with the kitchen

Uncle Gary