Thursday, March 18, 2010


We had our ultrasound today at Babyviews. We found out we are having another girl. We are very excited, that is what we were hoping for. It will just be so much easier since our house is already plastered in pink. I can't upload the pics from the ultrasound because our scanner is broken so I'll just have to see you and show you or my hubby may be able to figure it out somehow. She looks perfect. All of her parts are there, in the right place, and functioning well. She wasn't very active which the ultrasound tech said may just be the time of day or she may just be a laid back baby (we're hoping for the second!) She was so cute! She is average size, about 9-10 ounces and about 8-9 inches long. The tech said that size isn't very accurate at this stage of pregnancy but I'm voting for a small baby like Makenna since I have to push her out! I was relieved to see that she is looking great. She was so cute! She opened and closed her fists, crossed her arms across her chest and put her hands up on her cheeks. She kicked her legs a little bit but she didn't change her position much. She looked so precious. So, somehow DJ Walker managed to pull off the miracle of the century by creating two girls! Who would've thought it possible!


sdhorton said...

Congrats to you, DJ, and Makenna! Glad everything is going good and she is healthy. That's the most important thing.

Iris said...

congratulations! she and makenna are going to be the best of friends! how exciting! God is good!