Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute Pictures

Last year Nana bought Makenna some Raiders clothes. They looked so cute on her and DJ and I LOVED them so we decided to buy her some more this year. We have decided this will become an annual thing as long as she is growing out of her clothes each year. Of course there will come a time when she will be able to wear the same size from year to year and our bank account will appreciate that! :) Those of you who know us know that we don't splurge on much but this is one exception. There will be no expense spared on making our daughter the cutest Raiders fan ever. We ordered two outfits for her and they just came in. We are having two custom onesies made at the T-Shirt Shop and they should be in soon. So here are the pics of the cutest Raiders Fan Ever!

Her teeth were hurting her this day and she wasn't very happy with me. But she looked so cute in her new clothes I couldn't resist taking pictures of her.

Her daddy started a new thing the other day. He put her on his back and acted like a horse (or doggy I'm not sure which he called it). She laid down on his back and she looked so cute. From then on they have been doing it almost every day. She was very tired if you can't tell.

She got a princess backpack from Mimi for her birthday. She started Mother's Day Out one day a week a few weeks ago and she has to take a lot of stuff. It won't all fit in her diaper bag so I decided to put some of it in her backpack. DJ got the idea to put it on her. So every Thursday she walks into school with her backpack on. She couldn't be any cuter!

While I was typing this blog Makenna was running around the living room playing. I looked up and she had put her daddy's hat on her head. She looked too cute not to run and get the camera and take some pictures. By the way, she is sitting in her princess chairs that Mamaw Callahan got her for her birthday. She LOVES those chairs. She sits in them probably 100 times a day. A lot of times she won't eat unless she can sit in her princess chairs. Thanks Mamaw we love the chairs!!!!!

This is her new look. I have no idea where she got it from but it is sooo cute! Her hair is getting very long.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painted Bedroom

DJ and I have been talking about painting our bedroom ever since we moved into our house 2 years ago. We had a very good idea of what color we wanted, a little lighter than chocolate brown. We bought a comforter that we thought would go well with that kind of color a few months ago. I'm not very motivated to do things so DJ kept saying that we needed to paint our room. So we finally set a date when I was going to be off for the weekend but it ended up not working out because I worked Friday and I was just too tired to go get the stuff. So we rescheduled for this past weekend. We went and bought everything we needed to paint over the last week. Friday night DJ taped and caulked the room and we moved the furniture to the middle of the room and moved everything else out (thanks Whitney for your help!). Then we put most of the plastic down. Then we woke up Saturday morning and put the rest of the plastic over the furniture. Then we started painting. DJ painted two walls while I took care of Makenna. Then when she took a nap I painted the other two walls while he painted the trim on the ones he had already painted. I have never painted before so he had to show me what to do. It was a little challenging at first but then I got the hang of it and it was fun. We had music playing and I was painting and dancing at the same time and it was a blast! Hard work but very fun. Then DJ had to go mow so I took care of Makenna while DJ and Greg mowed for several hours. Then when he got back I painted to second coat on two walls and then while I took a shower he painted the second coat on the other two walls. We did it this way because I put a much thicker coat on the walls than he does so we made sure each of us did one coat on each wall. Then we went to Greg and Jessica's house for a cookout. Talk about one full day!!! We were very tired. When we got home last night we pulled the tape off and took off the plastic. This morning we went to church and tonight DJ did some touch up and we moved all the furniture back. It looks awesome!!!!! It is amazing!!! It makes the room look totally different. We love it!!! So here are the pictures of our new and improved bedroom. I think we did an awesome job. Well DJ did most of the work and I just helped but that seems to be the story of most things in my life! :)

Before Pictures (with a messy bed!):

After Pictures (the color looks darker in real life):

I tried to show the color of the walls.