Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute Pictures

Last year Nana bought Makenna some Raiders clothes. They looked so cute on her and DJ and I LOVED them so we decided to buy her some more this year. We have decided this will become an annual thing as long as she is growing out of her clothes each year. Of course there will come a time when she will be able to wear the same size from year to year and our bank account will appreciate that! :) Those of you who know us know that we don't splurge on much but this is one exception. There will be no expense spared on making our daughter the cutest Raiders fan ever. We ordered two outfits for her and they just came in. We are having two custom onesies made at the T-Shirt Shop and they should be in soon. So here are the pics of the cutest Raiders Fan Ever!

Her teeth were hurting her this day and she wasn't very happy with me. But she looked so cute in her new clothes I couldn't resist taking pictures of her.

Her daddy started a new thing the other day. He put her on his back and acted like a horse (or doggy I'm not sure which he called it). She laid down on his back and she looked so cute. From then on they have been doing it almost every day. She was very tired if you can't tell.

She got a princess backpack from Mimi for her birthday. She started Mother's Day Out one day a week a few weeks ago and she has to take a lot of stuff. It won't all fit in her diaper bag so I decided to put some of it in her backpack. DJ got the idea to put it on her. So every Thursday she walks into school with her backpack on. She couldn't be any cuter!

While I was typing this blog Makenna was running around the living room playing. I looked up and she had put her daddy's hat on her head. She looked too cute not to run and get the camera and take some pictures. By the way, she is sitting in her princess chairs that Mamaw Callahan got her for her birthday. She LOVES those chairs. She sits in them probably 100 times a day. A lot of times she won't eat unless she can sit in her princess chairs. Thanks Mamaw we love the chairs!!!!!

This is her new look. I have no idea where she got it from but it is sooo cute! Her hair is getting very long.


sdhorton said...

I like the Raiders' outfits and at least you can pass them on to future kiddos. Nash doesn't have any new Chiefs stuff and I haven't really even thought about it. hmm.

babibootiful said...

Makenna is growing up WAY too quickly! She looks absolutely adorable in her Raiders gear AND in DJ's hat - very cute!
Her hair looks so pretty long!