Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas With Nana

We had Christmas with my mom this past week. She made a wonderful dinner with all of our family favorites. We stuffed ourselves and then we opened presents. Makenna had a wonderful time! She loved opening up presents. When we were all done she said "I want more presents!" Nana gave us all from amazing presents. Makenna got a Dora video and book with her face on it. Kinsley got an adorable canvas picture with her name and birthday. My mom gave DJ and I her property in Hot Springs!! OMG!! What else can you say. Thank you Nana for a wonderful visit and awesome Christmas. We had a blast!

The brochures for the Hot Springs property Nana gave us.

Makenna's Dora DVD starring Makenna!

Isn't she precious!

Kinsley got this super soft blanket with her name on it. She loves to chew on it!

Nana, Makenna, and Kinsley

Makenna got a towel set with her name on it. It is hanging in her bathroom now!

Nana and Kinsley

Makenna loved opening up presents!

I got a cookie jar with the girls picture on it that said "Treats for Mommy's sweethearts" and had the girls names on it.

DJ got a mug that said "Daddy" with the girls picture on it. Of course he loved it, it says "Daddy"!

Makenna got a Dora clock with her name on it.

Makenna got a book that has a recording of Nana's voice reading Makenna the book. So cute!

Her Dora book with her picture on it.

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