Friday, May 29, 2009

First Trip to The Zoo

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend DJ and I took Makenna to the zoo for the first time. She loved it! Her favorite were the camels. She went crazy over them. She kept saying uhh, uhhh, if you know her then you know her noises. She doesn't say words yet but she makes a lot of sounds and she can definitely tell you what she wants and communicate with you. She made noises at the camels for like 10 minutes. We finally just had to move on and when we did she was looking back at them and yelling. She was so cute the whole day. We had a great time!! She yelled at all of the animals. She was so excited to see all of them. It was a great day.

She pointed and yelled at all the animals we came to the whole day. It was so cute!

DJ favorite, the tigers.

Makenna's favorite.

That eagle only had one wing. It was very sad.

This animal was crazy looking.

I don't know if you can tell but these are little bitty deer. They were tiny. And they pooped a lot!!

When she first saw this bear she ran up to it. But then when she actually got close to it she was scared of it.

She was getting very sleepy.

They had several cut out where you could put your head in and take a picture so I held Makenna and DJ took a picture. I think it is too cute!

She was scared of this one too.

They had a lorikeet exhibit where you could feed the birds. Some nice guys gave us some so Makenna could feed the birds. She thought it was hilarious.

Look at the bird on this guys head!

This is a pavilion type thing to sit under. I thought the art work was really cool.

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sdhorton said...

I have been wanting to take Nash. I heard there weren't that many animals out but it looked like ya'll had a good time.