Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mamaw In Town

My grandmother is in town visiting from Florida. She flew into Memphis almost 2 weeks ago. She has family there. Then she went another part of Arkansas to visit some more family. She got here on Monday night. She leaves tomorrow sometime. I have to work tomorrow so tonight is the last night I will see her. I wish she could have stayed longer but she is a busy grandmother. She has a lot of family in the Arkansas area and is leaving tomorrow to go to Searcy for several family reunions. She is definitely a traveling grandmother. She is always on the go. We have had a very good time together. Not doing anything particularly special, just going to lunch, WalMart, and hanging out. All the usual stuff. Last night she made fried fish and fried potatoes and they were to die for!!!! She is an amazing cook. For those of you who have never eaten any of her food, I feel sorry for you. It is one of the great pleasures of life to eat her food ( now you know where my mom gets it from). Between my grandmother and mom visiting several times a year, is it any wonder I can't keep weight off very long? I'm so glad she was able to visit and hope she has a great rest of the trip. Our little garden is doing great and we are getting closer and closer to having ripe tomatoes. I will post some pictures soon. I would take some right now but it is storming and pouring down rain.

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