Friday, June 12, 2009

Mamaw In The Hospital

My grandmother, the one who lives in Arkansas, is in the hospital. She has had Alzheimer's Disease for the past few years. Well, the past few weeks she has passed out several times. Aunt Bev said she went over on Sunday and Mamaw was out cold on the floor. She had a very hard time waking her up. So she took Mamaw to the cardiologist to see if there was anything wrong with her heart. While they were there they did some orthostatic blood presssures which is where they take your blood pressure lying, sitting, and standing and see if there is a major drop in your pressure between the different positions. Well when Mamaw stood up for her blood pressure she passed cold out. So, they sent her to the Heart Hospital. They did some tests and found out her carotid artery is 80% blocked. I think they were supposed to put in a stint yesterday. I haven't called to check on her today yet but I will keep up updated. Aunt Bev is sleeping at the hospital so she is exhausted. Please keep Mamaw in your prayers but also Aunt Bev because this is very hard on her trying to juggle a sick parent and the rest of her life.

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