Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nash's Birthday Party

Saturday was Nash Horton's birthday party. Nash's dad is Chris, DJ's best friend since forever. Nash is 3 months younger than Makenna. Makenna had so much fun at his birthday party. She is so much like her dad. She wants to observe the action but she doesn't want to participate. She went right over to where all of the kids were playing and she picked up a toy. But then she just stood there and watched all of the other kids. She is so observant. She loves to watch other children. She's not like the other kids. She doesn't just jump in and start playing. She just stands there and analyzes the other children. She did that the whole time we were there. Nash got a swing just like Makenna's. Makenna knew exactly what it was and she climbed in it. She wanted to swing. It was so cute. She spent most of the time playing in that swing. I think Nash had a good time but he was really tired. His cake was very cute and it tasted wonderful. I got the ladie's card so we can use her next time we need a cake. We all had a good time. Here are some pictures.

Makenna and Nash playing with Nash's toys.

The birthday boy (Nash) playing with a spoon.

He is too cute.

Nash opening the music set we bought him.

Nash eating his cake. He was so funny, he just poked at it just like Makenna did at her birthday. But after a while he dove in.

Makenna climbed into Nash's swing. That's where she spent a big part of the party. She's so silly.

Makenna loved Nash's motorized four wheeler. We may be buying one of those soon.

Makenna and Nash hugging. So sweet!

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sdhorton said...

I'm glad ya'll came and had a good time. Makenna is so cute. You left out the funniest part where she rode the four wheeler backwards!