Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired Today

For some reason I'm very tired today. Makenna slept all night last night, again, which was awesome. Then she slept in late, which is usual for her. But despite all of that I have been exhausted all day for some reason. I was going to take a nap when she did but she didn't take a very good nap today. I put her down at 1:15 and she woke up at 1:40. I heard her fussing but she wasn't crying so I usually let her fuss cause sometimes she will go back to sleep. I listened to her making noise for about 15 minutes and then she started to cry so I went in there to get her. She was standing up in her crib. She had thrown her pacy out of her crib and taken her socks off and she was holding one sock in her hand. She is so crazy. I reswaddled her and put her back down. After some fussing she fell asleep but only for about 1 hour. So needless to say she was not very pleasant the rest of the day because she was sleepy and wouldn't take a nap. So, I'm going to bed soon. Hopefully I won't feel so tired tomorrow.
On a different note, I'm so sick of this cold weather. I can't wait for it to get warm. It has been sunny the last few days but so cold we can't go outside and enjoy it. Even if I'm inside I just hate knowing that its cold outside. I'm so ready for Spring and warmer weather. On another note I have some video of Makenna that I will post soon. I just need DJ to edit for me so it isn't so long. Hopefully it will be soon. She has this new thing where she thinks its funny when we tell her she is stinky. I got her laughing about it on video. I also have one of her playing in the tub. Well, I guess I should go to bed since I talked about how tired I am.

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