Monday, March 16, 2009

Makenna's Birthday Party

We had Makenna's birthday party on Saturday March 14. My whole family except Natalie and her husband and DJ's whole family were here plus Chris, Shannon, and their son Nash. We had a house full. My mom made lots of wonderful food and we stuffed our faces, including Makenna. Then she opened her presents. Wow, there were a lot of presents. She had a great time. She got lots of toys and clothes. We were so excited to see her eat a piece of cake. She was so funny. She tried to be very careful. She just took a little bit of icing off and ate it. As she kept going she got more daring and at the end she was eating a handful of icing. But she never would eat the cake. So DJ took a piece off and fed it to her and she did not like it at all. So, after that she didn't want any more cake. It was too funny. She wasn't very interested in opening her gifts. She didn't really know what to do. I think there was so much she was just overwhelmed. So I opened up her gifts and then she started playing with them. Her favorite thing was the cards. She just wanted to play with the cards. I had to hide them from her so she would play with her other toys. It was a very fun day but we were all very tired. It was wonderful to have everyone here to celebrate her first birthday. Thank you to everyone. Makenna loves all her presents and we appreciate everything you gave her. We love you all. Here are the pictures of her party.

Nash, Chris and Shannon's son. This is Makenna little friend.

Eating the good food her Nana made.

Birthday girl with Mommy.

Her Mimi got her a princess luggage set with her name on it. It is so cute!!

Sitting with her Uncle Greg and Aunt Jessica.

Nana got her a mailbox with her name on it.

This is a very cool toy her Aunt Jessica, Uncle Greg, Uncle Phillip and Aunt Whitney gave her.

Eating birthday cake for the first time.

This is an adorable princess patio set her Mamaw Callahan got her.

She loves to play with all her cards.

Grandma, Grandpa and birthday girl.

Nash Horton, he is so cute!

Mamaw and Papaw Heavener.

Makenna and Nash.

She made a mess!

Look at all her presents!!

A barn with little people that her Grandma and Grandpa got her. She loves it.

All her clothes and other misc things she got! There was too much to take pictures of!

Thank you everyone for everything!! We can't thank you all enough. We love you all!!


babibootiful said...

Cristi, she is just the most gorgeous little girl!

Looks like you all had a great time - and WOW! SO many toys! You may have to start thinking of extending her little play area!!

sdhorton said...

Nash had a good time playing as well. Can't believe she's already a year old, he will be next!