Monday, March 30, 2009


Sadly, I think my milk is drying up. Makenna still wants to nurse and I still want to nurse her but I don't know if I'm going to have that choice. Last night I nursed her at bedtime and then DJ put her down. A few minutes later she started crying. After about 10 minutes he went and got her and I put her in bed with me. She still cried so I nursed her again. I still couldn't get her to go to sleep. I knew she didn't feel good so I had DJ get some Motrin. She sucked that down like she was hungry. So I gave her a bottle of milk (she is drinking whole milk now when she doesn't get breast milk). She drank about 4oz. Then she went to sleep. She woke up about 2 hours later. I tried to nurse her but she would only nurse for a few seconds and then pop off and cry. So DJ gave her a bottle and she drank 4oz. I had to give her a bottle twice today after I nursed her. I really wanted her to go straight from nursing to the sippy cup but she doesn't like the sippy cups very much and I can't get her to take very much milk from them. She drinks a little bit but not as much as she needs. I'm going to continue to nurse her and if she continues to need milk afterward that then I will probably start weaning her. Although it probably won't take much because I'm not making much milk. She did nurse very well this morning and didn't want a bottle afterward so if we can we will probably hang onto that one for a while. I'm very sad about this. Especially because we both aren't ready. It's not a choice we made, my body just won't cooperate. I know most people will say that she is one years old and needs to be weaned anyway but I disagree with that. I had plans to continue to nurse for a while and now I don't think that will happen. I'm very sad about this but there isn't much I can do about it. We will continue to try to nurse for a while and see how it goes. I also hope to get rid of the bottle for good very soon. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get her take the sippy cup I'm all ears. We have tried several different kinds, even the straw kind but it doens't seem to make a difference. I'm going to work hard over the next month to get rid of the bottle. In the meantime I will try to deal with my sadness and hopefully get to nurse for a little while longer.


sdhorton said...

I was sad to start weaning as well. I am feeding Nash at night and in the morning. At night, he still does what Makenna does and wants more. In the morning, he is fine with it though and then eats his cereal. I am probably going to stop all together soon. I wish I could have done it longer but it is what it is and it would take a lot of work to try to build up enough supply now. You can give yourself a lot of credit because you did do it a long time. A lot longer then most people make it but it is hard to stop when you are both not ready. :(

Jaq said...

I commend you for nursing as long as you have. I am about to find out what that is all about here in the next month( or less) and will give a month for sure but I'm not sure about it after that.

Problem to me is the fact that if I nurse then Jay can't feed Hudson and I want him to be able to do that too- Jay is a little sad about it too!

Anyway- I hope you are very proud of your accomplishments and I feel for you that it is over sooner than you would like it to be. I am amazed that Makenna is 1 and I still have not gotten to meet her! Time sure does fly!