Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Love Luggage Spotter

For those of you who don't know, my mom is an inventor. She has invented several products one of which is called Luggage Spotter. It is a piece of cushioned fabric that can have your business or team logo put on it. You can then put it on your luggage, backpack, laptop bag, and a variety of other things. Anyway she just got a really big blessing and Luggage Spotter is in Cracker Barrel Academy sports stores. The catch is that they ordered a small amount to test the product. If they sell out then they will do a big order. So everyone needs to go to Cracker Barrel and Academy and bug a Luggage Spotter so that they will sell out!!! She also has an commercial that is going to air soon for another product she invented called MicroWax. It is a special type of precut wax paper that you put over your food in the microwave. It prevents splatters and it allows you to cook lots of things in the microwave that would normally turn out yucky in the microwave. It is an amazing product that I have been in love with for years. The informercial should air sometime in Sept so be looking for it. It is the same deal as Luggage Spotter. They are airing it for 2 weeks and if it sells out then they will air it for one year. So if you see it then buy some!!! Be praying for my mom that these deals go great. She really really needs this right now!!!! Go buy some Luggage Spotter and Microwax and tell everyone you know how great they are so they will buy some too!!!

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