Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nana In Town, Crazy Workout

I know it has been a long time since I posted. My mom has been in town for almost 2 weeks and it has been awesome!!!! I thought two weeks would be so long but it has flown by! She leaves Thursday and I'm so bummed! I hate it when she has to go but we have had a great time. It has been a lot slower than when she is normally here and it has been great. We have laid at the pool several times and have both gotten a good tan. Makenna has loved having her Nana in town. I know she is going to miss her terribly when she leaves. But Makenna and I are going to Florida in Oct. for a visit so that will be awesome. A few weeks ago Whitney (Phillip's fiance) told me about a new workout she started. It is called Kettlenetics and it uses a thing called a kettlebell. She said she loved it and she had only been doing it a few weeks and I could tell a difference in how she looked. So, I looked into and decided to try it. I got the DVD's from her (thanks Whitney!) and I ordered a kettlebell from WalMart.com. I was excited and didn't want to wait the two weeks for the kettlebell to come in so I bought a small dumbell to use until my kettlebell arrives. I did the workout for the first time last night and oh my goodness. It is only 20 min and it is not very fast paced. It has a few parts that are a little quick but somehow before I knew it my thighs were on fire and I was gasping for air. Somehow this workout gives you cardio without you knowing it. I knew I was going to be sore today because my thighs were burning like crazy during the workout, but I had no idea. Oh my goodness!!! I can hardly walk today. I haven't been this sore since cheerleading camp in high school 10 years ago!! The worst thing is trying to sit on the toilet. I moan and groan all the way down (sorry if that was tmi)! I hate it but I love it. I love it because although it sucks being sore I know it is working. Not just working but kicking my butt!! I just hope I can stick with it. I have a tendency to start things but not finish them (just ask my hubby). But I'm so tired of being fat. Not just being fat but being fat and getting fatter. There comes a point where you just say "this is ridiculous!" I'm at that point. So, say a prayer I will stick with it and in a few months, supermodel stardom here I come!
P.S. I love you Whitney!!


sdhorton said...

Sounds like a good work out. I would like to get back int working out regularly again! Probably wishful thinking.

Whitney said...

Love you too Cristi and yes we will look so dang good!