Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Toy

For my birthday this year DJ got me a laptop. Ours died about a year or so ago and we have been looking at buying a new one since then. We almost decided to buy one last Christmas but for some reason we decided not to. Since I decided to start a blog, I decided I would really like to have a computer that was primarily mine that I could work on. I thought a laptop would be nice because that way I could DJ and I could be in the same room even if I was on the computer. Before we bought the laptop we were rarely in the same room. When he would come home he would get on the computer which is in the office. Then when he was done he would go to the living room and watch TV or play video games and I would go into the office. So, we never seemed to be in the same room. He also does a lot of work for Grass Guys on the computer so I wasn't able to get on it when I wanted to because he would be working. So, he bought me a laptop. It is AWESOME!!! Of course I'm on it right now. I love it. It's a Hewlit Packard (I don't know how to spell that) with a 15.6" wide screen. It is wonderful. I don't know all the specks you will have to talk to DJ about that. I just love that I can sit on the couch and work on the computer. I have to say that it makes me feel pretty cool. I'm not a stylish or hip (yeah that word makes me sound old) person but having the new laptop makes me feel pretty cool. When I told DJ that I wanted a laptop I didn't expect to get one so soon. I thought he would want to look for a long time. If you don't know us you can't fully appreciate that statement. But when we decide to buy something we look at every possible choice and compare prices. Needless to say it takes us a long time to decide to buy something. Well, when I said I wanted a laptop DJ said that we could go to Best Buy the next night. We went to Best Buy and looked and then went back the next night and bought it. Wow! I don't think we've ever bought anything that quick. Needless to say I'm very happy and excited to have my new toy.

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