Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Two Days

Well I started my new job on Monday. I worked Monday and Tuesday. It was really good. I hated getting up at 4:00am but it was really nice being awake during the day. I was tired on Tuesday since I had worked Monday and I only got to sleep 6 hours on Monday night (thanks Makenna!). I'm in the nursery for the first two weeks. It was really crazy! It is very busy in the morning and they said that they didn't have very many babies! I would hate to see it when they do have a lot. The pediatricians call when they are about 10 minutes away to let you know they are coming. You have to see which babies belong to that doc and then get them ready for the initial assessment. The hard part comes in when they are calling one after the other. You aren't even finished with one set of babies and you have to get another set ready. It was stressful. Hopefully I will get used to it as time goes by and it will stress me less. I'm also very intimidated by the computer. They have computerized charting so it is very different from what I'm used to. What they chart is also different from what I'm used to. It's just a whole different world and it will take some getting used to. But so far I really like it. After the crazy morning it slows down some and you can relax and not stress as much which is nice. So Tuesday when it was crazy I just kept reminding myself that in a few hours it would calm down. I also saw my first circumcision on Monday. Wow, I never knew how barbaric it was. I felt so bad for this baby. Some docs use numbing cream but some don't. Even when they use numbing cream it only numbs the top of the skin, not all the way down so the baby is still in pain. After watching this I'm not sure if we have a boy if I want to circumcise him. Maybe we will have all girls and I won't have to worry about it. I work again on Friday and then Sunday and Monday. I'm anxious to get to the floor to see what that is like and decide which one I like best. I found out something interesting on my first day. I thought the lactation specialists were just lactation consultants. Turns out they are nurses who worked on the unit then decided to be specially trained to be lactation specialists. This is awesome for me because this means I could be eligible to do that someday after I get some experience on the floor. That is AWESOME!! I'm very excited about that and can definitely see that as my ultimate dream job.

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sdhorton said...

That gave me a chill about the circumsion. I wonder why they do it that way? and at that young if it is that bad? When Nash came back from his he was asleep and it did not seem to phase him. Weird. I guess I really don't want to do what they do.