Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Play Room

When we moved into this house we decided that we would use the dining room for a playroom. It is connected to the living room so we thought it would be perfect. We don't have any use for a formal dining room so we decided it would be a good use of space. Lately Makenna has gotten very mobile using her monkey crawl and walking along the furniture. She can get from one place to another very quickly. So, it has gotten impossible to leave her in the floor to play because when you get up she follows you. This is a problem because you can't get anything done like eating or drinking or doing laundry, etc. So we decided it was time to set up the playroom.

DJ did some research and found a 16 foot gate that would work to section off part of the dining room. Then we had to decide what to do about the floor because it is hardwood. DJ wanted to do carpet squares but he did some research and found that they are hard to find and that we would have to use adhesive to stick them to the floor. He looked around and found puzzle piece mats. They are soft rubber like material pieces that fit together. They had multicolored and alphabet. We decided to get the alphabet ones. We bought several packages and DJ put them together tonight. DJ and his dad are going to have to put brackets on the wall to secure the gate so that Makenna can't knock it down. But for now he has put it in a zig zag formation so she can't knock it down. I love it!! I think it looks so cute and now we have a contained area to put her in. I think it is going to be awesome. I think she will like it a lot too. Here are some pics.

DJ decided to put his xbox headset on Makenna. She looks so cute. Oh and that outfit is 6-9 months and it actually fits her! Can you believe it!


sdhorton said...

I love the playroom. I really like the floor. Very cool! I could see how that would come in handy. We will have to cross that bridge when get there. I thought about just baby gating his room and letting him play in there.

Ryan said...

That's awesome.