Thursday, January 1, 2009

Makenna's New Move

In the last few days Makenna has started to move around really well. It's not a crawl or a walk, she made up her own move. It is so funny. I hope you can see it well enough in this video. She just started doing this a few days ago and already she is really good at it. We can't just put her in the floor anymore and let her play. Before we know it she is half way across the floor. My baby is growing up.


sdhorton said...

for some reason i can't get the video to download

Jaq said...


I couldn't see anything either...other pictures and videos all have been there so not sure what is different.

I am sure she is adorable!

sdhorton said...

I finally got to see the video. It reminds me of a little monkey moving around. Cute!!!