Saturday, January 17, 2009

Makenna's First Step

This afternoon Makenna was standing next to the couch and DJ thought he saw her take a step. I didn't see it and he said it was just a shuffle. Well tonight he was playing with her in the floor. He stood her up and she took a step. Her first step!!! I can't believe it! So I got in the floor and we stood her up and had her walk to each of us. By the time we were done she had taken 3-4 steps at a time. I'm still in disbelief. Where has all the time gone. She is such a big girl now. Here is the video of her taking several steps. She's also talking a lot too.

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sdhorton said...

Wow! She is so little to be walking! It is so cute to me to see them that little walking. It's like it shouldn't be happening.