Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Christmas morning we got up VERY early and went to DJ's parent's house to open presents. Their tradition since they were kids was to get up really early and open presents. Since it was so early we put Makenna back to bed when we got there then we all opened presents. She woke up about the time we were finishing so then she opened up her presents. After all the gifts were opened she played with all her new toys and then it was time for another nap. I took a nap too. We stayed at his parents house all day just hanging out. Then we stuffed ourselves on a wonderful dinner. To finish off the night we played a game of Phase 10. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas day and we all had a great time. Here are some pictures of the family and Makenna and all of her new toys.

This is the Walker's mantel on Christmas morning. Everyone has a stocking including the dogs.

Here are all the presents before we opened them!

Sidekick, DJ's parent's dog.

Oh, don't we look beautiful! Can you tell it's really early?

DJ got a new fireplace poker set.

I got a beautiful blanket rack. I love it!

DJ's dad got a really nice Razorback jacket.

DJ's mom got a digital picture frame.

Makenna with all her gifts.

Makenna opening her first gift.

For some reason she was really excited about these white onesies she got.

She loves these colored rings.

She got a Razorback sippy cup. Now if I could just get her to use it.

She was so excited about her Leap Frog Music table.

Playing with all her new toys.

Her Uncle Greg put the rings on her arms and legs. She didn't even seem to notice.

Can you tell she loved her toys?

She absolutely loves this table. It is awesome and she plays on it all day.

She loves Sidekick and he is so good with her.

Grandpa reading several books to Makenna.

She's getting very brave.

What a big girl!

She got all these new toys and she is playing with a water bottle.


sdhorton said...

Wow. I can't believe she is standing up so good and is so little. She will probably be walking soon. Nash got one of those tables too but is not really able to use it yet since he is not standing.

Alison said...

Hey Cristi, sorry I couldn't be there Sunday night on your last night there but Caleb woke up Christmas morning with v/d and was sick all week long. Caleb got that music table too and loves it also. He also got that see n say. Oh and he got a razorback cup too. I am sure I will see you soon. can't wait to hear about the new job!!!