Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with Mimi and Poppy

We spent Christmas day with DJ's parents but the pictures are on DJ's mom's camera and I haven't had a chance to get them yet. So, when I get them I will blog about Christmas day. We spent Friday, the day after Christmas, with my Aunt and Uncle. I'm very close to my Aunt and consider her like a second mom. Makenna calls them Mimi and Poppy. The Heavener family all came over to our house, Mamaw, Papaw, Natalie, Wes, Aunt Bev, Glenn, and Uncle Gary. We had a wonderful lunch with tons of food. Then we opened presents. Makenna loved all of her toys. She also got some really cute clothes. She played with her toys for the rest of the day. It was wonderful to have my whole family here. We had a great time. I love spending time with my family. I got an awesome present. My aunt is big on antique shopping. For the past year she has been collecting antique nursing equipment, pictures and books. When I came home on Thursday she and my uncle had come over without my knowledge and put all of these items on a book shelf in my breakfast area. It is so cool. I abolutely love it. Here are some pictures from Christmas with my family.

She looks so cute in this dress.

Makenna opening her first present of the day.

Mimi with her fuzzy socks with jingle bells on them.

Makenna loved this toy. It is a box that has different shaped pieces that fit into it. It also plays music.

Of course DJ got Raider stuff for Christmas.

Raider decided to jump into Wes (Natalie's husband) lap.

Natalie got Pedi Paws, a nail trimming device for animals.

Makenna playing with her toys.

Makenna got several Baby Einstein, Classic Disney, and Veggie Tales videos.

Makenna eating her toys.

Makenna and Mimi.

Makenna with some clothes she got.

Isn't her dress so cute!

Me and my cousin Natalie.

Natalie and Makenna.

Natalie and her dad (Uncle Gary).

My family.

Me and DJ.

Mimi, Poppy, and Makenna.

My whole family.

My cousin Natalie and her husband Wes.

Glenn with his traditional gift of duct tape.

My grandparents and Uncle Gary.

Poppy got Makenna this camo outfit and she hasn't had a chance to wear it yet so we thought today was a good time since it was so warm outside.

DJ put her in her princess robe this morning after her bath. I thought she was so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture.

That is the cutest face I've ever seen.

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