Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shopping & 9 Months Old

My mom is in town this week and it is our tradition to go shopping when she is here. I don't shop at all when she is not here so it is a treat and our special thing that we always do. So yesterday and today we went shopping. Yesterday we went to WalMart to get groceries. When my mom is here she cooks a lot!! So we got groceries for the week. All you have to do is open my fridge and you would know that my mom is in town. Last night it was tuna casserole and tonight it was yummy pork chops with veggies and fried potatoes. YUM!! Today Makenna had her 9 month doctors check up. 9 months old, how is that possible??? We had to see Dr. Fraiser because Dr. Choate wasn't available until after the first of the year. He said she is small in stature, surprise, surprise. She weighed 14lbs 6oz, was 26 3/4in. long and her head was 18 in. around. Basically she is really skinny, average length with a big head! He measured her skin fold on her arm which is a measure of nutrition. She was 10 which is the average. So he said she is small in stature but well nourished. Basically she is a Walker. No surprise there if you have ever seen her dad or grandparents or uncles. She is doing everything she should be doing with a few exceptions but within the range of normalcy for her age. If you haven't read DJ's website she can stand by herself for about 5 seconds. Wow! I can't believe that is possible! She can't do it on a regular basis but I'm amazed she can do it at all. Where did my little baby girl go? Dr. Fraiser said we should start giving her more food she can feed to herself. He said that may increase her interest in eating since she still doesn't eat solid foods that well. His only suggestion for her not sleeping well was to put her to bed sleepy but not asleep. We do that a lot already, but we'll try to consciously do it more. I wanted them to get a urine specimen because I was concerned that she may have a UTI (urinary tract infection) because her pee has been smelling really strong lately. Dr. Fraiser wanted it to be a cath specimen since we were looking for infection. I was fine with that because I knew it was a simple procedure and I do it all the time at work. How wrong I was. When the nurse came in she put her sterile gloves on and then opened the catheter package which totally defeated the purpose of having on sterile gloves. Then she was at the totally wrong angle to cath her. I knew by the way she was trying to do it that she wasn't going to get it. After a few minutes of her poking around I asked if I could do it myself. The nurse was very nervous and seemed relieved to have the responsibility taken away from her. So, she got me another kit and I set up. I wiped her with betadine the first time and saw the urethra very clearly. As I was getting ready to cath her, she peed everywhere. Oh great. So, we got some of the urine in the tube and then I cathed her very quickly but only got a few drops since she had just peed. So much for the sterile specimen. For those of you who don't know about anything medical let me just say this whole situation was just a disaster. But I cleaned Makenna up and picked her up and she stopped crying pretty quickly. Needless to say if we ever need to get another cath urine specimen I will be doing it myself the first time. The lady was nice but she didn't know what she was doing. So, after a dramatic appointment we were finished. Thank goodness. Hopefully the next appointment will be less dramatic.

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