Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What an Ordeal!!

So, my mom was supposed to arrive from Florida today for a visit. For those of you who don't know, my mom lives in Ocala, FL and tries to come visit about every 6 weeks. It seems that every time she comes something crazy happens with her traveling plans. Delayed flights, bad weather, lost luggage, destroyed luggage, extra fees, lost ticket, you name it, it has happened to her while trying to travel to Little Rock. Well, yesterday was no different. You see I said she was SUPPOSED to arrive yesterday. I'm sitting on my couch right now with no mom next to me. She was connecting through Houston and apparently there was a bad wind storm in Houston. So, to make a long story short she got stuck there over night. It was a very long night for her. They kept putting her on different flights and then saying they were canceled. Then they told her they were going to send her to Fayetville and DJ and I would pick her up. But she was worried about her luggage and they made her stand in the service line to figure that out and while standing there she missed the flight to Fayetville! So, after much crying and begging and one nice airline employee she was able to get on a flight that leaves at 7:10 this morning and she gets here at 8:30. Of course it couldn't even be that simple. She called me at 7:30 and they still hadn't left, but she was sitting on the plane. That's further than she got last night. So, hopefully she will be here around 9:00. I just called her phone and it is turned off so hopefully she is in the air as we speak. I just hope she gets here safe and her luggage gets here. Hopefully everything will work out fine. I've been praying all night that she gets here with luggage in tow. What a fiasco!!!!! On a happier note Makenna went to bed at 10:00 last night and woke up at 12:00 but she was still swaddled and on her Boppy so I just gave her her pacifier and she went back to sleep. Then she woke up at 1:00 and same thing. Then she slept until 5:30 this morning! Wow that was awesome!! Maybe our days of no sleeping are over, but I'm not going to celebrate yet.

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