Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, my mom finally got here! Thank the Lord!! She was supposed to leave at 7:10 this morning but didn't leave until about 7:30. She got here about 9:00. We didn't pick her up until 9:30 because it took us a little longer to get there than usual because of the ice. We were also running a little late, which was my fault. But never the less we picked her up at 9:30 and we were SO glad that she was finally here. She will be here until next Monday and I know we will have a great time. She is an awesome cook and the main thing she does while she is here is cook for us. She cooks dinner every night but she also cooks food and freezes it so we can enjoy it for months to come. So, needless to say DJ is very excited that she is here. I know we will have a great time!

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