Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doctor Update

We went to the doctor today and Dr. Fraiser thinks Makenna has allergies. He said it is rare for babies this age to have allergies but all of her symptoms point to allergies. She doesn't have a fever, her ears, lungs, and throat all look good. She just has lots of clear drainage and pale mucous membranes which apparently are all classic symptoms of allergies (thanks DJ). Her put her Claritin once a day. He said normally they don't give Claritin to kids this age so he just made up a dose but he assured me that it was a small dose and there would be no side effects for her taking it so young. I finally got her to nurse this afternoon. She had only nursed 2 times in 24 hours. Hopefully the Claritin will work and she will be feeling better soon. On a happier note I videoed her pooping the other day and it is so funny. I know, I'm a mean mom and she will probably hate me when she is older but its really funny for know. She's cute even when she poops.

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