Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is Makenna eating her Thanksgiving lunch which was carrot/tomato baby food with oatmeal. She didn't like it very much. She also had Banana with oatmeal for dinner. She like that much better. We had a great Thanksgiving. We went over to DJ's parents house and his brothers and Greg's fiance and her family were all there. Of course Makenna was the center of attention as always. She took a nap while we ate lunch which worked out great. Then she played the rest of the day. The only person that didn't like her was Jessica's brother. Makenna loved him and kept trying to go to him but he didn't want to hold her. He is a typical young guy, not knowing what to do with a baby. It was pretty funny. The brothers played basketball outside which is their tradition. Then we all played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. We had to cut the game short because it was getting late and Makenna needed to go to bed late. DJ just put her down. She played so hard today hopefully she will sleep great. We had a wonderful time and I ate way too much. We had so much food and so many deserts. Of course I ate a lot of everything. It was great.

This is Makenna playing with her Uncle Greg. She had a great time today and played a lot.

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