Monday, November 10, 2008

Sick Family

Unfortunately Makenna and DJ are both sick now. I called into work on Sunday night because DJ was up all night with Makenna on Sat and then he got sick on Sun. He was feeling very poopy so I didn't think he would up to taking care of her. He said he would be happy to take care of her but he did feel pretty bad. He is so sweet! So I called in and I'm very glad I did. Makenna is so congested that she can't hardly eat. I have tried sucking her nose out and sometimes it works great but other times not so great. I have been giving her Benadryl and that seems to be helping some. One of the docs I work with said she can have some nose drops, Neosinephrine, so we started those last night and they helped a lot. Problem is she can only use those for 2 days. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Poor DJ has a really sore throat. I looked at it last night and I didn't see any white patches so probably not strep, but it is RED!! I now it hurts like crazy. He went to bed at 9:00 last night which is not like him at all. He seemed to have slept really well and was feeling a little better this morning. Hopefully he will be 100% better soon. I better go because Makenna is eating my arm, I think she's hungry.


sdhorton said...

Stuff has been going around. I was sick last week (sinusitis) and Chris is not feeling too good now. I'm thankful Nash has not gotten sick yet. That would be really hard for me to handle. The worst he has been is after he gets his shots. Hope ya'll start feeling better soon and you don't get it!

Cristi Walker said...

Thanks. I hope I don't get sick either. It is hard to take care of a baby when you are sick!