Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Birth Story

Sorry but this post is going to be very long. I was nursing Makenna at bedtime tonight and thinking about how big she has gotten over the last 8 months. She has changed so much. I was thinking about when she was born and that made me think of my birth story. I know that most of you who read this were either at the birth or have heard the story several times but I love to tell it and remember it so here it goes. I went into labor at about 11:30 pm on Wed March 12, 2008. Although at the time I didn't know I was in labor. It would be 12 hours before I was sure I was really in labor (I know, in retrospect it seems pretty stupid it took me that long to figure it out). I woke up with my back hurting. Not terribly bad but enough to keep me from going back to sleep. The thought crossed my mind that I was in labor but I really didn't think I was. So, for the rest of the night I moved around in bed trying to get comfortable. My back would hurt for a while and then it would quit and I would go to sleep. This continued all night. When my alarm went off in the morning I was too tired to go to work so I called in sick. I told DJ what had been going on all night and told him to go ahead to work. My back hadn't hurt in about 2 hours so I was pretty sure I wasn't in labor (ha!ha!). I called my doula and she told me to rest and try to sleep for the whole day. My mom came to check on me and I told her to come wake me up for lunch at 12:00. I laid there for a few hours but wasn't able to sleep much. Around 11:30 I was getting uncomfortable in bed so I got up to take a shower. In the shower my contractions were becoming very obvious and I was sure that I was in labor(duh!). While in the shower my blood sugar dropped suddenly. This had happened very frequently while I was pregnant. I was sweating and getting light headed. So I got out of the shower and called my mom. She came in the bathroom and brought me some cake and gatorade. I drank it and felt better. However, my contractions were becoming intense. The weird thing was I had total back labor. I never felt a cramp, my lower back was just hurting. My mom called DJ and told him to come home. She called my doula who told my mom to time the contractions and call her back. She told us to put a heating pad on my back and for mom to press on my back for counter pressure. So mom and I got into a rhythm. I was leaning over the bed on some pillows and I would tell her when I had a contraction. She would put the heating pad on my lower back and push really hard. It almost completely alleviated the pain!! It was wonderful!! In between contractions I was totally normal. Mom and I would just talk and laugh. I was even able to eat a whole chicken and cheese sandwich and drink a whole glass of gatorade! I'm not sure how long this went on. DJ came home and shortly after that my doula arrived. She checked me and to my amazement I was 10 centimeters, fully dilated!! WOW!! DJ was shocked! We had planned to labor at home for several hours. So, DJ and my mom rushed around the house and got all of our things together. My doula (Kim) stayed with me and helped me with the contractions. I got in the truck and we headed to the hospital. The ride there was not fun because sitting was very uncomfortable for me. Needless to say I was VERY ready to get there. When we arrived at the hospital I wanted to walk to my room because sitting was so uncomfortable. DJ walked in front of me and I held his hands and forearms. When I would have a contraction I would lean over him and he would push on my back. We got into that rhythm and down the long hall we went. When we arrived in my room the nurse (who I happened to go to Jr. High with, the world is so small!) checked me and confirmed that I was ten. Dr. Singleton arrived and broke my water. The contractions definitely were stronger after that. I had no time for an IV which was just fine with me!! I got on the bed on my hands and knees and leaned over the birthing ball. My nurse held the monitor on my stomach so they could hear the heartbeat. I never really felt an overwhelming urge to push but the contractions were much stronger and I knew I was going to have to push if she was ever going to come out. So, I started pushing. I pushed for an hour and a half. Everyone including Dr. Singleton was wonderful. They kept the lights off and were very quiet, just the way I wanted it. It was a very peaceful atmosphere. Exactly the way I wanted my daughter to enter this world. DJ would encourage me softly from time to time. Sometimes he would ask me if I wanted water or a cool rag. Sometimes I would answer, sometimes I wouldn't. He was amazing! Near the end I was getting very tired and fell asleep in between contractions. The last several pushes I knew I was near the end. I could feel her head coming down and going back up. I was quickly running out of energy but knew the end was in sight. God gave me the strength I needed. A few more pushes and Makenna Nicole Walker entered the world. They turned me around and put her in my arms! It was amazing!! It was the most amazing experience of my life! I wish everyone could have a birth story like mine. It was wonderful. I know most people don't say they loved labor but I certainly did. In fact I'm looking forward to doing it again! It was very empowering. I felt like Superwoman for several weeks after the birth. I couldn't believe I had accomplished such an amazing thing. People may get tired of me talking about it but it was so wonderful I can't help but gush about how much I loved birth. So, would I have natural childbirth again? ABSOLUTELY!!! In fact I can't wait!!!


Angela said...

Hey Cristi - your birth story was actually really encouraging to me. My husband and I are talking about having a baby - but I've been terrified of the idea of child birth. But your story really helped me understand how it is possible for childbirth to be a wonderful and empowering experience. Congrats on your wonderful memory!

Jaq said...

I'd like to hear more about how you were able to do things "your way"-where did you deliver? I thought most facilities wanted you situated comfortable for the doctor.
Glad to hear that they work with you if you want something different.
Sure your Mom and D.J. were very proud of you!