Saturday, April 18, 2009

Awesome Film

I watched an amazing documentary this week. It is called "The Business of Being Born". I know not everyone is really into the birth process the way I am, but everyone needs to watch this film. It is very informative and has a lot of research that everyone needs to know. I'm a big fan of being educated about lots of things but especially about what is happening to your body. I don't hold to the adage " The doctor knows best." In some cases that is true but in some cases they are idiots. They are running a business just like everyone else. They want to make money. And sadly many of the decisions they make are not based on research, evidence, or the good of the patient, but they are based on what is easiest for them and makes them the most money. Now don't get me wrong, there are some awesome doctors out there and I'm so glad we have them. But obstetricians are trained surgeons. Someone like that taking care of a healthy, low risk pregnancy is overkill. It is unneccessary. I think everyone should watch this film but especially women of child bearing age. We as women need to stand up and take responsibility for our bodies and what happens to them. Don't let someone bully into doing something that isn't good for you. As a society, I think women have lost our power. We have forgotten the power that lies within our own body. We need to stand up and take that power back. Birth is not something that just happens to us or something that is done to us. It is a process which we are a part of. As a society we have lost that faith in women and their bodies. We think that the female body isn't capable of having a baby without help. Why? Women had babies without any ones help for thousands of years. Does it make sense that all of a sudden our bodies aren't capable of that anymore? What changed so drastically that we are now not capable of having a baby without being "induced" or "medicated" by a doctor? Women go in to be induced into labor every day. Have you ever asked yourself why. Why do they need to be induced? The baby will come when it is ready. What did they do before induction? They waited until labor started. Other women go into labor on their own but then the doctor says its not going fast enough so they speed it up by using pitocin. Why? There is probably a good reason her labor is the speed it is. Her body may know she needs a break or the baby may need a break. Contrary to popular belief there is no time limit on labor. Your body is very smart. Our Creator is not stupid and he made our bodies very intelligent. The female body was created to birth babies. We just need to get out of the way and let it do the job God created it to do. I'm not trying to rant but I'm terrified about where the obstetrical community is heading in our country. We are the wealthiest country in the world and we have the worst maternal and infant death rate of all the developed countries. That is terrifing!!! We have more moms and babies die than some third world countries. Why is nobody bothered by this? Why are our doctors not trying to figure out why this is happening? With all of our money why are so many moms and babies dying. It is because birth is a business in this country. Its sad but very true. New research is also showing that since our percentage of interventions during birth have increased so have many childhood problems such as autism, cancer, and chronic diseases. Why are these not on the rise in other countries but they are in ours? We as a society and we as women need to stand up and take control of our healthcare. People are so scared of birth in this country. The media has done a great job of making birth this scaring thing. It is only scary when the medical field gets in the way. A natural, undisturbed birth is one the most beautiful and amazing things you will ever witness or be a part of. Most of our society will never know that truth. It breaks my heart. We as women have so much power that God gave us through our bodies that we are not using. What a shame. Please, please, if you can get your hands on this movie, please watch it. Your eyes will be widely opened.


Jaq said...

Where did you get the film? Is it available at a regular video store?

Elizabeth said...

If you have Netflix, this is one of the movies you can stream instantly.

kassie said...

Hey! I have been thinking of this a lot lately- not that I want to have babies yet...but i have been reading a lot and watching a lot of videos on subjects such as this. Another book I just read that you may be interested in is Toxic Relief. Its a Christian Dr. who really believes that God created our bodies to function in an incredible process to remove toxins from our bbody- but that our society and its "progress" has poured more toxins into our bodies than they were ever meant to handle. He really explains why we need to clean our diets and eat the way God intended to live long healthy lives. I was talking to someone the other day and we were saying that we think the "Green" movement is actually a move of God. Not that everyone needs to become crazy- but in many ways: giving birth, eating, taking care of our planet...we need to get back to the way God created and intended things to be.....Thanks to Elizabeth for saying it was available instantly on Netflix- i have an hour to spare right now and am going to watch it!!!