Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today DJ and I planted some tomatoes, strawberries and herbs. We planted them in pots and put them on our back porch. I'm so excited. They are going to taste very yummy! We had a great time. We planted two of the tomato plants in "topsy turvy" planters, the upside down tomato planters. DJ heard from a friend at work that it was the easiest way to plant tomatoes. Hopefully we will have some yummy fruits and vegetables very soon. DJ also put up a swing for Makenna. Mimi bought her the swing for her birthday but the weather is finally good enough for her to use it. She loves it! She had a great time in it today. I will post some pictures of her in the swing later.Here are some pictures of the swing and our garden. Don't look at our back yard, it really needs to be mowed.

The upside down tomato planters.

The upside down planters are better boy hybrid tomatoes.

This is a strawberry plant.

Cherry tomatoes.

Sweet basil is on the left and cilantro is on the right.

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