Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Last year on Easter Makenna was only 10 days old. So this Easter was much different. We went to church with DJ's parents and his brother Phillip and Phillip's girlfriend Whitney. They go to New Life Church and we thought it would be nice to go to church with family on Easter. Once we got over the shock of how huge it was, we really liked it. If you're not my mom, stop reading right here. Hey mom I think this would be a great church for you. I think you would really like it. OK everyone can start reading again. During church we kept hearing this rumbling and we weren't sure if it was thunder. Then all of a sudden it started raining so hard. It was SO loud. For a few minutes it was hard to hear the preacher. The weather for the rest of the day was no better. It was very rainy and cold. Yuck! After church we went to DJ's parents house and ate lunch. Yum! Thanks mom, and Whitney your squash rocks! Then we opened our presents. The boys got money and a really cool glass basketball on a stand. Makenna got silver sandals to wear in the wedding, 3 sippy cups with straws (the only kind she will use) and a barn with animals. It goes with a fisher price set she already has that she loves. She also got money. We all hung out for a while and of course took pictures. Then DJ and I went to Walmart to buy groceries for his new diet. He's as bad as I am about trying new diets all the time. Overall it was a great day. Here are some pictures. As usual there are a ton of them because my daughter is so cute I can never pick which ones to post so I just post a bunch!:)

DJ and his brothers opening up their presents.

Makenna opening up her present. She was really into getting her presents out of the bag.

Her silver sandals to wear in the wedding.

She was showing up her basketball Easter egg.

Her barn.

She loved her new sippy cup and tried to drink out of it even though there wasn't anything in it.

Makenna opening her Easter egg and finding her money.

This is kind of a weird face!

Isn't she so cute!

I have to say this may be the cutest family I have ever seen!

Greg and Jessica.

Whitney and Phillip

Grandma and Grandpa. Can you tell Makenna was not very thrilled to be taking pictures.

The whole Walker family.

I she looks adorable in this dress (thanks Mimi)

The don't get any cute than this!

Makenna is giving her bunny (her Easter present from Aunt Whitney and Uncle Phillip) a big kiss.

I don't know what she is doing here but she looks precious.

Pushing her firetruck around in her pretty dress.

This is a scary face! I think she gets this from her dad!

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Jaq said...

You do have a precious angel! Still want to meet her. Hey- FYI- I did post belly pictures on the blog (and facebook) just for you last night!

Let me know what you think- I wasn't sure about showing flesh...:)