Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Year Check Up

Makenna had her one year check up on Monday. She weighed almost 16lbs and was 27 5/8in long. She isn't on the growth chart for weight and she is between 5-10% on length. Basically she is really petite. I wonder where she gets that from?! For those of you who don't know her dad used to be really little! She comes by it naturally. Dr. Choate said he would like her to weigh about 2 pounds more. He encouraged us to put extra butter and oil in her food. We are fine with her weight. She is just little and we have no problem with that. I really don't think she needs extra oil and butter and even if she ate lots of it I don't think she would gain more weight. Does this sound familiar Mom Walker? DJ's mom went through this with all of her boys. Hence the reason I call them the stick family. He said she is ahead of schedule developmentally which made her dad happy. I was a little concerned because she doesn't talk all that much. He said she was right on schedule. He said she is just probably going to be the thinking, analyzing type. She also gets that from her dad. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? She has had a wet cough and runny nose but her lungs were clear so I'm pretty sure its just allergies. Guess who she gets her allergies from. If I have to say "she gets that from her dad" one more time I think I will puke!! I'm just kidding! I don't mind her being like her dad. He is awesome so I'm very happy she is like him. She had to get 4 shots. I hate it when she gets shots. Her dad always comes with me. This time was particularly awful. She cried a lot more than usual and looked very pitiful. I'm going to do some research before we have another baby. I think we might do a delayed shot schedule for our next baby. It just seems like so many at once. Part of me thinks that is too much for their little body to handle at one time. But after a few minutes of crying she was better. We came home and she took a long nap. Her next check up will be at 15 months.

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