Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picky Eater

Makenna didn't used to be a picky eater but as she has gotten older she has gotten very picky. There are a very few things she will eat. It doesn't help that I'm the least creative person on the planet so I have a hard time thinking of things to make her. I don't really cook so DJ and I never sit down to dinner. I usually eat a salad and he eats a sandwich. She can't eat either of those so I have to come up with things for her to eat. She likes tuna casserole which has tuna, mac & cheese and cream of mushroom soup (thanks Nana!). She will eat that like crazy. She also likes lunch meat, cheese, strawberries, lime sherbert, and some pasta. That's about it. She doesn't like green beans, peas, bread, hamburger meat, eggs, bananas, oatmeal, and lot of other things. We are starting to expand her menu thanks to suggestions from my friend Alison (thanks Alison!) so hopefully she will have a more balanced diet soon. She is not a big fan of vegetables in general. The funny thing is that she will eat something for a while and then decide she doesn't like it. For a few weeks she ate a scrambled egg and a banana for breakfast. She loved it. Then one day she refused to it. She hasn't eaten it since. But the things she does like she eats a ton of. She is a pig. She can eat a lot of food. She comes by that naturally! She can eat a whole plate full of tuna casserole. Now that I'm thinking about it there are several other foods that she has started to eat recenlty. Maybe she is losing some of her pickiness. She certainly doesn't come by that naturally. Her dad will eat anything and everthing!

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